May 14, 2019

How Much is a Stand Up Desk

Many look to standing desks to realize a new way to work. A big challenge for any working professional is being able to afford the best of the best. Things like computers and monitors take up a ton of cash, but a standing desk does not have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, one ecommerce brand is making it easier than ever to own a standing desk. Whether customers want to build a desk from scratch, find a stylish option for the home, or upgrade the office desk setup, Autonomous has options for every user and budget.
Autonomous offers a standing desk that users can build and customize themselves. The Autonomous DIY Standing Desk Kit is the cheapest option in the Autonomous arsenal. A DIY way to get the standing desk experience that Autonomous has perfected may sound expensive, but at $250, affordability and high quality is a focus for the brand. The same, sturdy base is included in the DIY kit, and users can use a pre existing desktop or make one from scratch and apply it to the base. As the cheapest option, it also offers the most creative freedom. For those wanting to save some cash or make a desk personal, this is the best option.

The SmartDesk 2 - Home Edition is the least expensive option on Autonomous that comes with it all. The Home Edition of the SmartDesk 2 is perfect for anyone with a home office or a little place to pay bills and do other desk work. This edition of the Autonomous smart desk runs for $299, and comes with the electronic power to adjust the desk’s height with a push of a button. For starters, the desk comes in great finishes, as well as colors fit for any room of the home.

The next, premium option of standing desk from Autonomous is the Business Edition. In a sturdy, handle anything design, 300 pounds of office hardware and technology can be moved seamlessly from a high height to a sitting position. The office will never be the same once the SmartDesk 2 - Business Edition takes work to the next level.

Shop Autonomous and the line of standing desks, click here. To find anything from office chairs, accessories, or options to make work easier, Autonomous is a one stop shop for everything ergonomic and office friendly. 

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