Mar 19, 2018

The Best Gardening Tools

Gardening is the favorite past time of most people. They find it relaxing and enjoyable especially if you have the right tool to do what you want to do to your garden. If you are a gardener, you may have a favorite tool that you use often and a tool that you always have at a close range whenever you are in your garden. You may find yourself passionate about what you like and dislike about a particular garden tool.

There are those revolutionary garden tools that can enhance your gardening experience. All of the tools that are used for gardening have evolved and improved over the years, as from manual tools it has now evolved into specialized tools that does not require much physical work as it used to. But there are tools that are needed in gardening that have not changed much since it was first introduced.
The perfect gardening tool depends on what you want a gardening tool to do. Every season there is a new gardening tool that is introduced in the market, and it maybe confusing especially for those who are new to gardening.

With these being said, here are some of the best gardening tools that you can purchase at the nearest home improvement store near you.

1.) Digging Shovel

This gardening tool is probably one of the most common gardening tool in the list. This digging shovel has a round blade and it needed especially if you are digging a hole and if you want to plant something that is larger that your own fist. Digging shovels have D-shaped type of handles that can help you in having control while you use your body weight in digging holes and tossing the soil aside. There are different kinds of shovels, but the steel ones that are constructed are more durable and easier to use than the wood type of shovels plus it will not wiggle nor flex when you use it to toss soil. Digging shovels also have step plates that are large and wide enough to help relieve pressure on your foot when you use it and step on it repeatedly.

2.) Edging Spade

Edging spades are flat blade gardening tools that are handy when you love to garden. It can help you edge your garden as it can slice the turf, scrape the soil, cut the roots and all the other debris off of the flat surface in your garden area like the truck bed and the sidewalk. Edging spades can also be used in heeling in plants that are bare root or those plants that are placed on the ground for the meantime until you find a more suitable place to plant them it. They can also be used for general planting and cleaning. The edging space has a D-handle, much like that of a digging shovel but it has more control. It also has a foot pad that is rubberized in order to reduce fatigue and damage on your shoe and so that you can also fit the side of your shovel with holes that are drilled.

3.) Loppers

Loppers are needed so that you can cut branches, this is also very helpful if you are trying to cut branches that are the same size as your finger or at least bigger. It has large blades and it also has more leverage. Loppers are used so that you can cut branches easily with a specific diameter of at least up to 1 to 1/2 inches. This gardening tool can increase the leverage in order to provide you a cutting power that is three times better than that of a standard cutter.

4.) Pruners

This gardening tool is the go to tool when you have deadheading plants or flowers or if you have pliable stems or twigs that needs cutting. Pruners are also a general purpose kind of gardening tool that can help you trim woody twigs and stems that are up to 1/2 inch. Pruners can help you multiply the ratchet action and cut it up to 3/4 inches of stems and woody twigs. Anything bigger than the said sizes may be difficult to break or cut using pruners.

5.) Pruning Saw

A pruning saw is an all purpose material that is made for gardening. It is important to remember that a pruning saw should be folded so that it can be safe for transport and storage. This gardening tool has razor blades that can cut through stems that are woody and it can do it easily, you can cut as much as that woody stem that is the size of an arm. This gardening tool can also be used in tight spaces and branches as you do not have to split it as much in order for it to work.

6.) Hori Hori Digging Tool

The Hori Hori Digging Tool is a gardening tool that is multipurpose and it has more use than a trowel. It can serve as a knife, a saw and even a type of measuring tool so that you can plant bulbs in your garden. It can be used for weeding, planting, cutting stems, twigs and sods and you can also use it to severe roots and divide perennials. It also has its own holster that is used to protect the blade that is stainless steel.

7.) Garden Rake

Another common gardening tool, garden rakes are used usually during Spring time because that is when the cultivating and also the prepping of the soil in your garden is done. It can also be used in order things such as leveling mulch, leveling your soil before you seed your lawn and scratching your hard-packed soil so that you can make it more porous. You can also use it to remove moss or thatch from your lawn.

8.) Leaf Rake

The primary purpose of a leaf rake is to gather fallen leaves, and it is highly needed during Autumn, but a leaf lake is also needed so that you can collect garden debris such as grass clippings. It has a durable steel line rakes that are useful for yards that are smaller or when you also want to scratch the surface of the soil while raking it. If you have a large yard, you can poly a leaf rake and cover more space in less time. The rake has a feature of 24 inches that has a clog free head that will not spear any leaves.

Written by Sian Webster      
Sian Webster is the water guru blog's editor. Sian Webster is a student by day and a writer by night. She is currently taking up Business Administration and is set to start and operate her own business. A food lover, a travel blogger and is desperate to find love but is oozing with awkwardness. A fan of movies and numerous tv shows such as Black Mirror, The Walking Dead and The 100. Sian loves to read and she takes writing very seriously.       

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