Mar 13, 2018

IKEA Delivery and Assembly services for Your Furniture Pick Up, Delivery

Most people in USA perceive Ikea stores merely as a brand for ready-to-assemble furniture that has a nice restaurant selling treats, but there are quite a few most people are not aware of. The knock down furnishing pioneer has more to offer! Here are a few of the IKEA services:

·         COLLECTION
·         HIRE A VAN
·         PLANNING
·         ALTERATION
·         FINANCES
·         ROOF RACKS
·         RECYCLING
·         IKEA BAGS

“Shopping with IKEA always will save us money and additionally, it may save you commitment. We provide a selection of services to help from placing it jointly to setting it up home. Obviously, the more you decide to do yourself, the low the purchase price will be. As well as the more we do for you, the greater you can relax and relax! ”


Home delivery – Same day and Next day delivery
·         Your vehicle can’t fit all the furniture and accessories you’ve bought?
·         You simply can’t handle the whole process by yourself?

 “Most of our products are flat packed and designed in such a way that they are easy for you to take home yourself. However, if you prefer we can deliver the same day/next day for you within the store delivery area**. We can also arrange delivery outside this area** and at a later date on selected items. Please speak to a co-worker in store for more information. Terms and conditions apply. ”

Ikea collection – Pick up & Delivery

You might see this as a series and Delivery service but it is slightly different. Rather than spending time throughout Ikea’s tremendous shops or while generating back you could save the trouble and nerves and also have everything done for you. The Ikea collection and delivery to-do list:

·         Make up your shopping list of units
·         Place your order either with an IKEA’s co-workers or a flat pack specialized company
·         Take care of assembly
·         Enjoy your new furnishing

Ikea Delivery and Assembly Service in NYC professionals like I Furniture Assembly will arrange and carry the delivery and assemblage for you. This is everything you need to know about this combined IKEA pickup and delivery service.

Flat pack assembly service – Montage done for you

Employ an unbiased third-party company specializing in flat pack set up like Fantastic Handyman or Excellent Furniture Assembly and benefits all the excess guarantees. In addition, the service includes 12 months workmanship promise and fingertips of product packaging in an green way. As an established Ikea Delivery and Set up Company, we can assemble devices from all furniture stores in NYC

Kitchen assembling – Build the set of your dreams

Of course, a planning fee is applicable, but having a skilled assembler to help out with advice and knowledge has proven to be of crucial importance to the proper assemblage of any flat pack unit. iFurnitureassembly sets a high value to the clientage resources and strains after minimization of any possible concerns. For this reason, along with IKEA installation services, our team can also purchase and deliver the chosen merchandise to the desired location. Our current reputation lets us claim that we not only guarantee a reliable furniture assembly in NYC but also respect and care about clientage by saving time and unnecessary expenses for IKEA assembly. We can implement any of your furnishing ideas.

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