Aug 11, 2016

Wood Plastic Composite Boards – The Next Best Thing

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) boards are now being used very commonly in numerous ways by the construction industry. Flooring, door & window frames, railings, and indoor furniture are some of the ways in which wood plastic composites are utilised.

The WPC boards are alternatives to using wood and hence more environmental friendly. Additionally, they do not require the maintenance that solid wood demands and hence, they are also relatively economical. WPC boards are also highly resistant to decaying and rot since they do not absorb water. Many manufacturers use recycled plastic and waste products from the wood industry and therefore, they also contribute to a sustainable environment.
The Indian connection
A large number of Indian manufacturers are involved in the production of WPC boards because of its high demand in the construction industry. In fact, India manufactures not only for Indians but for exporting to other countries as well. A high number of WPC board exporters in Noida even suggest that India manufactures more than it utilises. Costing much lower than conventional wood and lighter in weight, it is also easy to transport from one place to another.

Given the varied climatic conditions and levels of air pollution that severely damage wood, the WPC boards that are highly resistant to all these elements are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, manufacturers are able to produce the boards to look exactly like natural wood with simulated wood grains so that people who want the aesthetics and looks are not disappointed.

Common uses of WPC
Due to its versatility and durability, the WPC boards can be used in many ways for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Ø  Flooring: It can be used for indoor flooring for rooms and outdoor flooring for decks and verandas. Since it looks like wood, the effect of old fashioned wooden flooring is achieved at much lower costs without the need of constant maintenance.
Ø  Door and Window Frames: Used for door and windows as it is much lighter in weight and easier to install. Also, since it is not affected by the elements like wood, WPC frames last longer.
Ø  Railings and Fences: WPC is used to replicate the old-fashioned picket fences outdoors. It is also used for indoor staircases as bannisters due to the wooden appearance that it projects.
Ø  Panels and cladding: Since they can also be available in various colours and designs, the WPC boards make for great panels and cladding as they add zest to any setting, indoor or outdoor.

Other attraction of WPC boards
The other factors that attract customers towards WPC boards are:

  •  Available in many colours, hence the need for paint or polish is not there.
  • Can be moulded into any shape very easily, so getting arches for doorways, etc., with WPC much cheaper than wood and more easily available.
  • They can also be shaped and customised using the traditional woodworking tools.

As there are many advantages of using WPC boards, there is also no dearth of designers those who come up with new ideas to use WPC boards. Also, the manufacturers are constantly rolling out new colours and patterns. 

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