Aug 12, 2016

Benefits of Staying on Top Floors of Apartments Built by Top Builders in Gurgaon

Gurgaon and Delhi NCR have seen an influx of homebuyers from various walks of life due to the availability of properties at all price points. When it comes to home hunting, most homebuyers start their search based on their wish list of amenities and facilities that they can’t live without. As a homebuyer you have great locations, top class amenities, etc. on top of your wish list; but have you ever thought which floor should you choose to stay in? Have you ever thought how would it be living on the topmost floor of a high rise? Probably not!

Most people would recommend not investing in a flat located on the top floors due to heat, leakage problems, etc. But you must know that real estate developers in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon build their projects following international standards, so the top floors are constructed in a way that there are no heat and leakage problems.  There are many other benefits of living on the top floors; let’s take a look:
1. Lovely Views
Top builders in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR choose exclusive locations for constructing their projects, so by choosing to stay on the top floor, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings. You can get up in the morning with a view of the lush green area, feel the fresh air and see the sun rise.

2. Enjoy the Serenity
If you are private person and love peacefulness, then you must choose the top floors. You can stay away from the hustle bustle of the neighbours; you can sleep in peace and do whatever you want with full concentration. There will be no cars honking, no one quarrelling or no one ringing your bell unnecessarily. The best thing is the foot traffic would be lowest, so you can enjoy your privacy to the fullest.

3. Safe
Now you must be thinking how can living on the 15th floor be a safe option? Cool down! Have you ever heard of a burglary at the 15th or 20th floor? Almost never. This is because the thieves need to get out quickly after they have stolen the things and trying to escape from the 15th floor is almost impossible. So you can be sure that the chances of burglary and salesmen or donation workers knocking at the door, will be the least. So you can stay safe with your family.

4. Healthier
Staying on the top floor is a healthier option, since you get a lot of fresh air and sunshine. You also stay away from pollution which means lesser health problems. Another major benefit is that if your locality has mosquito problems, you can save yourself from mosquito bites if you live on the top floor. Overall pests and insects will be lesser as compared to the lower floors.

The modern day apartments built by the real estate developers are constructed scientifically, so they offer all the comfort and convenience minus the hassles. So when you start home hunting, make sure you check out the top floors of the apartments you consider. Get a feeling of NYC or San Francisco while staying back at home!

Summary: There are many things homebuyers look for when searching for their desired properties but seldom do they consider which floor they should stay in. By choosing the top floors of properties built by the top builders in Gurgaon, you can experience a whole new world.   

Author Bio: Chetan Naidu is a freelance writer with years of experience in writing on various topics. His recent write up talks about why home buyers should choose to stay in the top floors of apartments built by real estate developers in Delhi NCR

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