Aug 11, 2016

What are Baseboard Heaters?

Heating devices are essential items to keep your home or office and the people inside from freezing. But despite having a central-heating system, do some of the rooms and areas still feel cold? Did you recently expand your home and now faced with the need for additional heating system? Worry no more because baseboard heaters – the smart solution to meet the heating needs of consumers – are up for grabs at the market.

Baseboard heaters are often described as zonal heaters because they can be installed in individual rooms, giving you total control of the temperature in every room. These efficient and space-saving heaters are easy to install, as they do not require additional insulation and ductwork and have no need for huge gas or oil furnace.
How Do Baseboard Heating Work?
Baseboard heaters are usually installed under windows to maximize the effects of convection or heat transfer. Moreover, it has been the standard heating practice to provide heat in the area where there is great heat loss. By placing the baseboard heater underneath the window, it is able to counteract the coldness brought by the cool air from the window.

When cold air enters through the window, the baseboard heater sucks in the cold air. The cold air is then warmed by a series of metals inside the heating unit. Warm air then exits from the heater and fills the room. This process is repeated continuously to maintain warm temperature indoors.

Types of Baseboard Heaters
You can choose from electric and hydronic baseboard heaters. These two types differ on the mechanics of heating the air. Electric baseboard heaters rely on electricity while hydronic baseboard heaters make use of an enclosed fluid (i.e. water, oil) to radiate heat in a room. While more expensive, hydronic heating systems are said to be more efficient than electric units since warmed fluid retains heat longer.

The most obvious advantage of using baseboard heaters is their easy installation. Because installing them doesn’t require any ductwork, it is perfect for homes or offices where installing new ductwork is impossible or impractical. Likewise, it is ideal for homes and offices that have no space for a huge furnace or boiler.

Along with easy installation comes the benefit of low maintenance demand. The absence of ducts eliminates the need to regularly clean and repair them. Once the baseboard heaters are installed, you can comfortably enjoy them without additional costs for maintenance.

So, for consumers looking for energy-efficient, space-saving and maintenance-free heating system, baseboard heaters are an excellent choice.    

Written by APM Construction Services, a construction and home maintenance company that is the best choice for heating and cooling in Columbia, MO.

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