Aug 19, 2015

Making a Fun Playground for Your Kids

If you are a parent with young children or children who like to run and play outside, you should consider building a playground in your back yard. This will make it easier to keep track of your kids without limiting their ability to swing, slide and play in the sand during their time off from school. Let's take a look at some items that you can easily and affordably include in this play set.

Sandboxes Are Easy to Make and Maintain 

To make a sandbox, all you need is a few pieces of wood and enough sand to fill it. The wood can either be purchased from a store or consist of scrap that you have around the house or find in the yard. Make sure that any wood that you use has been treated to protect against rain and pests. It should also be free of any jagged edges to ensure splinters don't become a problem. Sand can be purchased from a local gardening store for a few dollars a bag. You may also ask people to donate sand for your project assuming that it is clean enough for kids. 

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Don’t Forget to Build a Swing Set 

The swing set is the most iconic and important part of any play area. Putting one together is fairly straightforward as long as you have the right tools and are good at following instructions. They typically come in kits that you can assemble in a couple of hours. Prior to buying the set, you should determine where it will go in the yard to make sure that it will be stable while also being easy to put into the ground.

Install Soft Surfaces to Keep Kids Safe 

You may want to think about installing soft surfaces under the swings, the slide or anywhere else the children could potentially stumble and fall. Children who are under the age of four may fall down simply because their little legs can't keep up with the rest of their body. However, if you can't afford rubber or other artificial surfaces, make sure that the yard has plenty of grass or sandy areas where the risk of serious injury from a fall may be reduced. 

Include the Pets As Well 

If your child has a pet, he or she may want to bring the pet outside to play as well. The pet may also find sand fun to dig in or find it fun to chase squirrels for exercise. By making the play area friendly and interesting for pets, you can get both your child and your animal physical and mental exercise at the same time.

Your child deserves a fun and safe place to play when the weather is nice and he or she has extra energy to burn. As a parent, you know that your child is having fun in an area where you can watch and observe them. In exchange, the child gets to enjoy some play time and gain memories of their home that will last a lifetime.

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