Aug 25, 2015

How to Choose Commercial Roller Shutters

Commercial roller shutters are the best to be installed in shopping malls, shops, restaurants and in decks and small hotels. Good quality shutters mark a clear view of the surrounding area from inside the rooms, and they also keep the commercial environment cool and pollution-free.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right roller shutters for your commercial establishment.
Determine your need
There are various types of commercial roller shutters available in the market. You have to decide according to your budget, the location in which you live, and your commercial requirements. Some of the most popular varieties include:
a.    Heat-resistant shutters- As the name suggests, these shutters can withstand immense amount of heat. Thus, if your commercial establishment is at risk of infernos, these shutters can provide an added level of security.
b.    Countertop shutters- These shutters are ideal for places that require medium level of security, such as canteens, kiosks, and tuck shops.
c.    Warehouse shutters- Especially designed for warehouses, these shutters are exceptionally well-suited to loading docks, arcade entrances, and garbage rooms.
d.   Wind-resistant shutters- Given the advancement in technology, there are commercial roller shutters available that are resistant to high-speed winds. Thus, if you have your factory or warehouse is an open area, or in a neighborhood that is susceptible to high-speed winds throughout the year, you might do well to invest these shutters.
e.    Shutters that let you see outside- There are commercial roller shutters with perforated holes available, which let you see outside. These are great for car parks and shopping arcades, since they bring together security and aesthetics.
f.     Car park roller shutters- Tough and easily repairable, such roller shutters are built especially to last in car parks.

While those are some of the most common kinds of commercial roller shutters available, you can always get your own custom shutters built according to your requirements.

Material used in the construction
Once you have decided on the purpose of the roller shutters and zeroed in on the type you want, it is time to scrutinize the material of the shutters.
·         Steel is the best bet when it comes to commercial roller shutters, since it is strong and weather resistant.
·         However, there are aluminum ones available too that can be equally sturdy.
·         The higher the quality of the material used in the construction of commercial roller shutters, the higher will be the price. Thus, your budget is the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration, apart from the certification of the grade of material used.
·         Vinyl shutters have also become quite popular these days.

Installation and after-sales service
Now that you have decided what grade of commercial roller shutters you want, it is time to find the right supplier. It is always better to go for a supplier that is renowned for its after-sales service. While a good shutter won’t give you much trouble, it can need maintenance from time to time. Thus, you would need a
supplier who is willing to look after you after the sale is done.

However, to make sure your commercial roller shutters last a long time, here are some handy tips to keep them clean and functioning well.
a.    Dust them regularly
Dust the shutters regularly, especially the side-rails and the head-post. Debris and leaves can prevent the shutters from functioning smoothly.
b.    Don’t bang them in the head-post
While opening and closing the shutters, make sure you do so softly. Banging the shutters in the head-post may cause damage.
c.    Wash them with water and soap
A garden hose and some soap solution is all you need to wash the commercial roller shutters. Do so every once in a while. However, make sure you do not spray any water directly in the side-rails or the head-post.

When you operate the roller shutters for a long time, you must remember to maintain them properly so that their longevity does not suffer. You can get the detailed benefits and the tips to maintain these shutters from the user manuals.If you still want to know more than click here and get some more idea about commercial roller shutters.

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