Aug 26, 2015

Categories of Decorative Accent Pillows for Sofa

Accent pillows are pillows that are used to accentuate a certain area in the room. Not only are they decorative but they are also useful as they provide comfort and make a room look cozy. Since they are so popular, there are many different designs that you can choose from.

Different Categories of Accent Pillows for Sofa

Basic Accent Pillows

These are very basic pillows that have simple designs. They are mostly available in neutral colors so they can be used in almost any room and can be paired with other pillows that have more detailed designs and brighter colors.

Custom-made Accent Pillows

These pillows are made as required by the client. They provide a specific design and color scheme that the manufacturers follow.

Embellished Accent Pillows

These luxury throw pillows are available in several designs and further embellishments like laces, beads, embroidery and sequences are added to give the pillow a more contemporary look.  There are several styles that one can go for such as vintage, oriental, retro etc.

How You Can Decorate Your Space with Luxury Throw Pillows

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when decorating a room with pillows. Consider these:

Number and Arrangement Of the Pillows

Asymmetrical look is the best which is why it is recommended that you arrange the pillows in odd numbers like in threes and fives. Furthermore, go for smaller pillow so that the room doesnt look overdone.
The Shape

There are several shapes that you can choose from. You can use round pillows on single sofas and chairs whereas you can go for more angular pillows (squares and rectangles) for big couches. A lot of people love decorating their living room with bolsters as it gives a very majestic and royal look.

The Pattern and The Fabric

Have a good look at your room before deciding on the pattern. Is the paint color a boring shade of white? If yes then you can to for bright colors and interesting geometric patterns. If the color of your room is bright then go for more neutral colors like weight, cream, and beige so that it evens out the rooms appearance.

The Trim and Edges

If you want to give your rooms a more artistic or formal look then you can go for Aubusson style pillows as they are extremely fancy and have flared edges that have a lot of tassels and fringes.

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