Jul 31, 2015

Roller Shutters to Enhance the Ambience of Your Home

Roller shutters are not a novel concept, but surely a very effective and popular way to lock the doors and windows. These can give a desired look for home; if there is anything in particular you are looking for. Installation of roller shutters can be done internally or externally as desired.
Benefits of Roller Shutters

  •  stylish appearance
  • Protection from sunlight
  • Noise reduction
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Protection of glass windows and doors
  •  Smart alternative for drapes
  • Prevents unauthorized entry
  •  Versatility is another associated factor that makes these shutters one of the most commonly found and trusted device.
  • These are well suited for homes, offices, warehouses, parking garage and windows. Thus you can get a uniform look at the exteriors by installing stylish shutters anywhere.

In a few hailstorm-prone countries, the government offers subsidy on shutters and associated products to make them affordable for protection of the glass windows and doors of the residents’ houses.

The Variants

There is no uniform metal which are used in the making of shutters. It can be made from steel, aluminium or different alloys depending on the purpose and usage. Though different in design and appearance, these shutters mainly fall into below mentioned categories.

# Push-Pull Shutters

These are meant for rough use and belong to low maintenance – high durability category. Ideally used for garage, warehouse, shops and stores.

 # Roller Grills

These give a unique and classy look and are well suited for interiors. On being pulled down, these look like grills and are usually made of steel. In addition, showrooms and stores can use these to give a classy display even during the non-working hours without compromising the security.

# Industrial Roller Grills  

Industrial roller grills are way stronger than roller grills giving a honeycomb look when pulled down. These are ideal for huge warehouses and storage halls which remain closed for longer periods. The popularity of these grills is mainly because of the ventilation it provides in these places.

# Perforated Roller Shutter

Perforated roller shutters are commonly used in showrooms where display plays an important role. It is like a think transparent sheet of metal which has several holes making it possible for the viewer to see thru the shutter. These can be rolled up and down or adhered to the sides making it a transparent window for safe display.

Besides these broad variations, a combination of above mentioned types can be customized as per requirement to suit individual needs.
Installation and visibility features:

  • Roller shutters can also be segregated on the basis of their visibility upon installation. Traditionally these were placed on the outside of the building where one could see them all the time.
  • With time, the installation of shutters was done on the inner side of the wall making it visible only upon being pulled down.
  • Using motors to pull down and push up these shutters is also commonly used these days. Since these are low maintenance, automation makes them easy to use and more attractive in spite of comparatively higher investment.    
  • Areas prone to hurricanes have a wind speed sensor system for the shutters which automatically shuts them down at the event of wind speed exceeding a certain limit. 
  • Timed shutters are also used which fold and open at specified time.

Though a common affair, installation of shutters should be done after proper investigation in the market. Plenty of vendors offering similar services make the task tough but this being a one-time investment needs to be done with utmost caution. Get in touch to know more information about roller shutters.

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