Jul 14, 2015

Make Your Window Blinds Last Longer

Cleaning the window blinds is never an easy task. But by familiarizing these tricks, you’ll be amazed that your blinds will last longer than expected.

Make Your Window Blinds Last Longer

Alana Southwell is a DIY improvement girl, who has lots of experience in minor renovations, as well as arts and crafts. She shares her knowledge by writing content for different blogs, such as All Weather Blinds. In this article, she shares some essential tips on how to make your window blinds last longer.
Though a lot of people remember to clean the windows frequently, they often forget about the window blinds. By cleaning them regularly, they will always look like new. But, the sad truth is that this chore is something most people would rather avoid. Not only does this make the windows unpleasant, it can also affect the overall safety of a home.

Over time, dust and grime may build up on this, which eventually creates a layer that is tough to remove. And obviously, nobody wants to deal with that. Regardless of the type, if you really want to make your window blinds last longer, always remember that prevention is better than cure. So, make it a habit to include it in your regular house cleaning routine.

Where do you start?

Familiarize your blinds.

When buying window blinds, instructions or manuals are often provided. These are included by manufacturers so that consumers will have something to read and follow. Before these are given, guidelines are actually tested by the manufacturers to ensure they give only the best possible advice and information about the blinds.

Use green cleaning methods.

To clean the blinds, there are plenty of commercial cleaning solutions that can be bought at the local supermarket. But if you want to go green, you can always use a variety of products you can find at home, such as white vinegar and a pair of socks. Simply wet the socks with the vinegar and wipe it onto the blinds.

Although this technique is safe for most materials, be careful not to oversaturate the blinds, especially if these are made of woods. Water will warp the wood, so, as much as possible, dry it immediately. Also, do not let the vinegar come in contact with your skin or eyes.

Know the material composition of the window blinds.

It is important that you know the material composition of your window blinds. This way, you can clean them accordingly. Check out these material-specific tips:

·        Aluminum and Vinyl Blinds

To make your aluminum and vinyl blinds last longer, dust it regularly and eliminate stains using mild detergent mixed with warm water. Slightly tilt the boards up and down so that you can dust both sides. But, avoid pressing down too hard because you don’t want to break or bend them. In case it seems difficult to remove all the dirt, take the blinds off the window and soak them in warm and soapy water. After which, rinse them and wipe with dry cloth. Allow them to dry in the open air.

·        Fabric Vertical Blinds

While some fabric vertical blinds can be dry cleaned, others must be cleaned using specific methods. But generally, to avoid the buildup of dusts, manufacturers suggest dusting it regularly. Be careful not to soak them in water.

·        Wooden Blinds

If your window blinds are made of wood, you have to know that excess moisture is their enemy. Instead of getting them wet, you can use a feather duster, a vacuum brush, or a soft and clean cloth instead. If you wish to add more life to the wood, it is advised to use a cleaner that is made specifically for such material like lemon oil. But, if you are uncertain about using commercial products, read the manufacturer’s guidelines. For sure, they have a list of recommended cleaning products for you.

·        Faux Wood Blinds

Among all types, Faux wood blinds are the easiest and fastest to clean. This is because they are robust and can resist warping. You can dust them the way you do in any wooden blinds, however, you can also use mild detergents with warm water.

If you are still in doubt about the right ways to making your window blinds last longer, keep in mind that asking for assistance will never hurt. At the end of the day, you will not only keep your blinds clean; you will also make them look as beautiful as the day you bought them.

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Author: Alana Southwell
Alana is a DIY enthusiast, and she has plenty of experience in arts, crafts, and minor renovations. She currently provides content for All Weather Blinds. If you want to get updates, follow her on Twitter: @Alana_Southwell

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