Jul 6, 2015

Oak Flooring – Solid or Engineered – Choose Your Pick!

Trends come and go. If you are a person that follows things that are practically and economically suitable as well as sustainable then short term trends you are not going to excite you. However, few trends come in the market to stay forever. One such trend is the Oak flooring. This concept is trending from the moment it has hit the market and more and more people are planning to opt for this flooring. In case you are planning for a home improvement plan and are in search of a good option for flooring, then this can make in your check list. Lot of people who think more on the economic frontier while choosing flooring are opting for low cost laminate flooring which resembles the look for the oak flooring. However, this is nothing but a cheap replacement for a classy and comfortable option. Oak floors not only give you that richness in the look but are equally comfortable to use.

The increasing demand of oak floorings has now led to presence of two different options for the homeowners – viz. Solid Oak floors and Engineered Oak Floors. Both these options have their good side as well as bad side. Therefore choosing an option is completely subjective to your needs and likes. Here are few things that will help you decide which one to go for. 

Solid Oak Floors
Solid oak flooring
Solid oak floor is a single piece floor that is tailor made from an oak log to fit in your room. This kind of oak flooring will be ideal for any kind of rooms. It might have a strap of flooring added additionally to the single piece as per the dimensions of the room but it will give look of a single piece of wood attached to the floor. If you are willing to get that periodic look for house with this oak flooring then nothing can beat a solid oak floor.  You can order for your choice of color for the floor. This is a completely natural option and if you are an environmental friendly person then this flooring is ideal for you. There is no glue present in solid oak floors.

Solid oak flooring is perfect for people who are fond of long lasting home improvement ideas. With time this flooring will start appearing mellow. These are also manufactured in a way that they offer a great shelf life to the users. In case you are looking for refurbish the look of this flooring then you can sand it as many times as you want. Therefore, without taking many efforts you can get a new and refreshing look for your floors after few years.

Engineered Oak Floors
Oak Flooring
This kind of oak flooring is a combination of oak planks attached with a ply or a board to make it simple to use. The oak planks are usually around 6 mm thick. The floor here needs to be sanded in a proper manner so that the flooring is properly installed. The expensive ones are made from a single veneer plank whereas the low cost one are made from attaching strips of oak together. Only experts will come to know the real difference between the solid oak floors and engineered floors.

This is quite a strong and sturdy option. This oak flooring can be installed in places with high moisture level like bathrooms which usually does not allow solid oak floors as they tend to swell with too much of moisture. When installed it becomes extremely difficult to distinguish it from the solid oak floors.

Now that you are aware about the basic details about the solid and engineered oak flooring, it will definitely become simpler for you to make your decision.  Visit here if you want to know more information about oak flooring.

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