Aug 19, 2011

Wall-Hung Dish Rack

For a drying and storage facility in one, this wall-hung dish rack provides the answer. The drying aspect dispenses with the need for a tea-towel or the expense of the electricity-gobbling drying cycle in your dishwasher. The rack relies on there being a sink directly underneath it, one with a wide shelf behind the bowls so that the draining water is caught.

The unit illustrated utilises hollow stainless-steel rids but, depending on the style of your kitchen, wooden dowels may appeal to you more (unfortunately, they aren’t as durable). Painted Tasmanian oak has been used to keep the timber members to a relatively small dimension, but polyurethaned radiate pine would be equally suitable providing it were made a little bigger (for instance, 50 mm wide). Although expensive, teak would be the ultimate choice as it could be left in its natural state.

Hardwood such as Tasmanian oak is suitable for the framework because it had the strength necessary to support the weight of the dish without being too bulky.
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eden said...

This is so cute and a great idea.

Beyond Wandering said...

That is a fantastic dish rack!

Chie said...

This looks very nice and it can help save space in the kitchen! :)

jamieleerose57 said...

Where is this from? I'd like to buy one

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