Aug 17, 2011

Horizontal Blind: Alternative Window Closing

Glass windows serve the sun light entering from the outside and it is a medium for the residents to get a view from the inside toward the outside of the house. But there are times when we want to shut down access from the outside in, both for the sun and for people.

For example, if the sun shines too bright so the house is hot, or at night, when the lights in the house turned on so that the room inside is easily visible from the outside.That’s why we need a glass window cover. The cover commonly used is a fabric curtain. It might be said that 90% of homes have fabric curtains.

But nowadays, there are alternatives to cover the glass window except fabric curtain, which is a blind. You've probably heard the term vertical blinds, the window coverings in the form of rectangular pieces of material and placed in a vertical row. Materials commonly used are a mixture of fabric and plastic. This kind of cover often encountered in offices.

In addition to vertical blinds, we know what is called horizontal blinds. Basically both are the same thing, only a single blade-blade placed vertically, while others align horizontally.

The working principle of horizontal blinds: each blade is connected with some kind of rope on both sides. With the control stick at the edges, the blades can be rotated 180 degrees. You can adjust the slope of the blades.

If you want more light in, just set the blades so that it stands upright. Or if you want to direct light toward the top, just set the slope towards the top. If the blades are arranged in a tilted position, its shape resembles a jalousie door or window.Vertical blinds and horizontal blinds are commonly used in offices. But horizontal blinds then it seems more acceptable for use in homes. The advantage of using window coverings like this is that we can regulate the amount of light and the direction of incoming light into the room.

For housing, we can find wooden horizontal blinds which are warmer than aluminum. This type is suitable for use in modern style house. Looks more neat, practical, and elegant.

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MinnieRunner said...

As for me Lina, I still prefer fabric curtains. I really don't want the house exposed/open. :D

e-Xpresi Gue said...

Thanks kawan dah mampir ke lapak ane,..Artikel ni juga menarik gan..

rofi @Mobil keluarga terbaik di Indonesia said...

Nice reading your article

AcerNoval said...

thanks nyaa :)

AcerNoval said...

thanks nyaa :)

eden said...

We use blinds for our 2 big windows. It was already installed when we bought the house.

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