Aug 11, 2011

Different Types of Cookware:Advantages and Disadvantages

Stainless Steel Cookware
Stainless steel would have to be the most familiar kind of cookware materials. You will possibly discover it in most homes. Stainless steel is really an alloy of metals including steel, carbon and chromium. It’s called ‘stainless’ because of its capability to resist rust.

Stainless steel is a good choice for cookware but because of its incapacity to conduct heat well; it is significant that you select stainless steel cookware that has an aluminum or copper core. Without it, you will find that you will get hot spots on the cooking surface and foods will cook unequally.

Relatively low-cost
Scratch resistant
Keeps it glossy look for a long time
Doesn't react with foods
Warp resistant
Not a good conductor of heat

Cast Iron Cookware
Cast iron is a matter that has been used to make cookware for hundreds of years. Those that apply cast iron cookware completely affirm by it for its excellent cooking ability. On the other hand, cast iron cookware is not a simple to retain product. It needs a little attempt to maintain it working the way it should.

It is extremely durable and it is not uncommon to find cast iron cookware that has been passed down through the generations.

Relatively inexpensive
Extremely durable
Good heat retention
Reacts with foods unless seasoned
High maintenance; requires regular seasoning
Is heavier than most other types of cookware
Can rust unless seasoned

Aluminum Cookware
Aluminum is used in just about 50% of all cookware produced nowadays because of its exceptional heat conduction. Aluminum is a soft metal and can simply scratch and dent. It can also react with definite foods which is why it is usually sandwiched between other metals. You will often find stainless steel cookware with a layer of aluminum providing the advantages of both materials.

Aluminum is also often treated through a process known as anodization. This process places a layer of aluminum oxide onto the surface making it scratch resistant as well as making sure that it doesn’t react with foods. Aluminum cookware is often finished with a nonstick coating to guarantee food remains unburned.

Excellent heat conduction
Reacts with acidic foods
Scratches and dents easily

Copper Cookware
Copper cookware is usually used between professional chefs because of its outstanding heat conduction. Copper cookware on its own is generally quite costly so it is not often applied in home kitchens.

Copper is also often found sandwiched between layers of other materials like stainless steel. Copper cookware is the cookware of chefs and for good cause. It conducts heat extremely well which means it heats quickly and adapts to changes in temperature fast. This allows better direct over your cooking.

Excellent heat conduction
Relatively expensive
Reacts with acidic foods
Requires regular polishing

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