May 11, 2011

How to Get Rid of Your Disuse in Safety

1.How to Get Rid of Paint 
Paint cans should not be placed in the curbside recycling bin because they are not a food grade material.
What to do: First, try to use up all of the paint if possible so there is no more than 1/4-inch of paint left in the bottom of the can. Let the paint can dry out by leaving the lid off before recycling it. When the can is blank (and completely dry), it is accepted as a scrap metal item and should be put in a scrap metal bin at a local drop-off facility.

2.How to Get Rid of Plastic Bags
According to various recycling facilities, plastic bags are by far the top irritation because not only do they waste time when they get jammed in the machines, but they can also break or damage the equipment.

What to do: If you totally cannot find any use for plastic bags around the house, the easiest way to dispose of plastic bags is to take them to a grocery store to be recycled properly.

3.How to Get Rid of Electronics
TVs, computers, printers, players, DVDs, cell phones and chargers, CDs, video and audio tapes, ink cartridges and other electronics that aren't being used anymore are known as "technotrash." Some of these items contain dangerous components like mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, and brominated flame retardants.

What to do: Numerous manufacturers and retailers offer options to donate or recycle your electronics. AT&T, Best Buy, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, eBay, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Office Depot, Samsung, Sony and Verizon, for example, all offer recycling programs for consumers (as do plenty others). You can also find a local program through one of the many comprehensive websites devoted to helping consumers dispose of their electronics responsibly.
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