May 20, 2011

Door Bell

Most of the many types of bell on the market can be installed in a couple of hours. Try to avoid the ones which play a symphony; their charm wears thin rapidly. Units that have adjustable volume are handy if you are often in the garden.

Buy a bell that comprises a bell unit, push-button assembly and batteries. Keep a supply of batteries on hand! If wire is supplied, check that it is long enough to reach from the front door to where you want the bell installed. You can run the wire on top of the skirting; at its base; tucked down behind the carpet; under the floor.

Bring the wire up to the bell unit alongside a convenient architrave. Don’t install a bell close to sources of heat or steam.

When marking the position of push-button; drill 10 mm holes through the jamb in two directions so that wiring can reach the inside in an unobtrusive place.
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marga said...

nice helpful tips sis.
have a fun weekend. xoxo!

Dhemz said...

I like our newly bought's wireless!

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