Mar 2, 2011

Security Hints

Modern society has many advantages, but, as with everything, there is a downside. Security, safety and privacy are matters of concern to us all, particularly in tough economic times.

Where once we could be casual in our use of lock and key, most of us now consider it essential that our homes be locked securely-not only to protect our belongings when we’re absent, but to protect ourselves and our families when in residence.

Here are ten security hints for you. I’ll mention five in this post, and the other five next.
  1. Illuminating the grounds of your property helps deter burglars (50% of robberies take place after dark). As well as manually operated lights there are lighting systems which themselves on when a trespasser approaches.

  2. Don’t leave ladders lying about to provide easy access to unlocked high windows and the roof; an enterprising burglar will think nothing of lifting a few tiles and breaking in. Unfortunately, in 30% of robberies, the intruders gain entry through windows or doors that have been left unlocked.

  3. Don’t create handy shrub or tree-clad nooks around windows and doors. You’re playing into the hands of the burglars if you provide them with places where they can conceal themselves. Make sure anyone who comes to your house can be seen from the road and/or the house, if at all possible.

  4. High fences and lock-up security gates at entry points and in side passages make it very difficult for the television-carrying burglar.

  5. Unlocked garages and sheds provide a would be intruder with a wonderful array of housebreaking tools. Lock up your outbuildings.

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eden said...

Thanks for sharing these security hints, Lina!

kangmusa said...

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Anonymous said...

Tips yang bagus Mbak Lina.....

ardiands said...

bagus banget mba tips nya....

Habib Ullah said...

Have a nice day and also nice blog with nice thoughts and beautifull Face. Thanks

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