Mar 9, 2011

Security Hints (2)

As I said earlier, this time I’ll mention the other five security hints for you.

6. A dog of the right breed and with the right training can be a great deterrent-but it must not be a nuisance or a danger to the innocent. Nor should it attack a burglar too enthusiastically; the way the law stands, the intruder could end up suing you!

7. Don’t put addresses on key rings. If you lose them or give them to people in service and parking stations, you run an obvious risk from an opportunist.

8. If you go away, cancel papers and arrange for trusted neighbors to collect your mail and occasionally check the property. Give the impression that you are still in residence; have someone mow your lawn, use time switches to activate the lights and radios at various times, leave some curtains open. Turn the telephone down, and tell as few people as possible that you are going to be away.

9. Make a list of your valuables complete with make, model and serial numbers. Engrave your license number on them, where appropriate. Secure expensive jewelry or anything that is of great sentimental value to you or your family in bank safe-deposit boxes or in a properly installed home safe.

10. If you’re in a high risk area, install an alarm system.

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Maude Lynn said...

These are excellent tips!

Laikka said...

another nice tips lin..thanks for adding..added narin..tnx!

eden said...

Great tips, Lina! Thank you for sharing

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