Mar 5, 2011

At a Café

It’s one of our favorite places to hang out. I love their hot chocolate and cappuccino. If the weather is too windy or shiny, you can sit on the sheltered area of the café.
Why I like to hang out there with my husband? These pictures tell my reason. The café has great view, tasty food and drinks, and I still can afford it :)
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Carver said...

I can see why you enjoy hanging out there. It's very attractive.

Rejen said...

Very nice pictures, and a great wiev...;-0

David said...

These are beautiful shots! Yes, I can see why. I would love to visit such a place every day.
Happy B&W Weekend.
David/ Houston Texas

Dragonstar said...

It does look attractive, as Carver said. If you find a special place like that you keep going back.

Anonymous said...

What a great view and you have captured it really well. The dessert looks luscious :-)

Yoshi said...

I would love to be at that cafe! It must be a perfect place to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the great view!!!
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday.

Soulful said...

nice view!!

Eden said...

Love these photos.

genie said...

I would hang out there, too. Cappuccino and a view like that is heaven on earth. Lovely shots.

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