Oct 23, 2010

Keeping the Nest

A spider on his nest. Waiting for poor insects passes by.
Spider nest always looks impressive in black and white.
An amazing creation by a little creature!

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The Weekend in Black and White
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Birgitta said...

Don't like spiders..But it is a great b&w shot!

genie said...

I LIKE you spider and I line your little poem with it...very clever. He looks so good in black and white. The sparkle you got on the web is really cool! Thanks for your visit to my ”Climbing” site...appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment on my hungry bee....guess all the critters are out there looking for food these days....Genie

Carver said...

Interesting shot of the spider and web with the light spilling through.

Dragonstar said...

The web looks decorated for a party. Lovely shot.

Mona Sweden said...

Interesting shot!

Dhemz said...

stunning shot!

galih jati said...

Spider is a deadly predator!

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