Oct 7, 2010


Fencing is something that is often attended to last in a home improvement program, by which time money is short and the cheapest has to suffice. Try not to let this happen; fencing creates a significant first impression.

You may need to go for security more than looks; or for impenetrability if you’re trying to keep animals out of your garden. If appearance is all that counts, then your choice is infinite. The cost and availability will vary depending on your location.


This is probably the cheapest form of fencing. The palings are nailed to rails which are morticed into posts spaced at between 1800 and 2400 mm centres. Whether of hardwood or of treated pine, these palings will weather to a grey tone and are long lasting. Use a little imagination, as shown here, and you can create some interesting effects.

The effect is created by nailing the palings so that every second one overlaps the preceding and following one by about 20 mm. When the sun strikes the fencing, an interesting shadow effect results.

Here the palings are put on alternate sides of the rails; this may not be ideal for privacy but it does allow cross-ventilation and the movement of climbing vines.

Post and rail
While even less privacy is afforded by this fence, it is suitable for large areas where the cost of solid fencing would be prohibitive.

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Dhemz said...

paling works for me..some fences are too expensive.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you lin, it's more for security than looks. Especially since I have little kids to watch... I want to keep the strangers away while they're having a fun time in the backyard...


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