Mar 12, 2010

Using Slipcovers Tips

This post still mention about slipcovers. Using slipcovers is a really adaptable option when it comes to changing the appearance of a room. If you like the idea of using fabric in your interior decorating, here are some ideas that may inspire you to experiment with slipcovers.

Modify the style of your furniture simply by fitting a slipcover. For instance, use a slipcover with a straight or pleated skirt to hide wooden sofa legs, or use form-fitted stretch slipcovers for a smooth, tailored look.

Improve the look and feel of your room by using slipcovers to coordinate mismatched furniture. If the floral print on that old secondhand sofa clashes with the checks on your favorite arm chair, then using matching sofa and chair covers is a cheap and effective way to give them a stylish new image.

Have fun with color. Changing your slipcovers according to the season or the occasion is a simple but effective way to introduce different colors into your home d├ęcor, without the expense or work involved in reupholstery. You might want to use light or pastel shades during the hot summer months, while darker warm and rich colors are great for creating an inviting scene in autumn and winter.

Experiment with texture. Slipcovers can be made from all kinds of fabrics, from denim and twill to damask and chenille. You can have a lot of fun and come up with some great results by mixing and matching different textures. You could try adding unique touches and details to your slipcovers by attaching tassels or sashes, trims or buttons.

You're not just limited to the living room when using slipcovers. Ready made dining chair covers are excellent for beautifying your everyday dining chairs for special occasions such as a dinner party or the holidays. And they are easy to wash. So, not only do they look elegant, they can help protect your upholstery from food and drink spills. Dining chair slipcovers can even be used on chairs with wooden backs – you can easily add padding by draping an old blanket over the backs before fitting your slipcovers.
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