Mar 8, 2010

Use Slipcovers for Updating Your Furniture

Your present furniture looks ugly already? You shouldn’t throw your ugly furniture to the nearest dumpster. Slipcovers are a modern way to cover and camouflage old-fashioned or damaged furniture that can still be useful in your home. Contemporary slipcover design ideas are fresh and decorative, so you will feel like you have a brand new piece of furniture to add to your living space.

To renew your worn out piece of furniture, follow these few simple techniques for turning an old furnishing into something fresh and decorative.

Slipcovers Help the Old Look New Again
Since slipcovers are made from fabric, you can use your personal style and taste to create a slipcover design that fits the motif of your bedroom or living room. Regardless of the theme of your room, whether it is classical, modern, or country, slipcovers can be used to make an old chair look like something new and exciting. Brightly patterned designs, soft pastel prints, or solid fabrics can all be used to introduce new design into your living room. Slipcovers can transform a bedroom from a dull and dated room into a room that is filled with color and pattern.

Slipcovers Bring Versatile Design to a RoomSometimes your living room or bedroom includes furnishings that are mismatched and incoherent in their design appeal. To bring harmony and uniformity to a bedroom, you can use a slipcover as a transitional decorative element. For example, a slipcover on a bedroom chair can be used to tie the colors in the walls, floor, and bedding together to create a unified space. In addition, you can add decorative accents to a slipcover like fringe, beads, rope, ribbon, and piping to add blending elements to the room design.

Slipcovers Wash Easily
Slipcovers are typically made from fabrics that can be washed on a regular basis. To avoid unwanted stains on upholstery, slipcovers provide a viable option. It is not possible to wash the upholstery on your favorite sofa or chair, but it is incredibly convenient to toss a slipcover in the washing machine. To ensure the best results from the addition of a slipcover, make sure that the existing upholstery on a chair or sofa is not so stained that the problem area will show through a slipcover.

Slipcovers Don't Require SewingFlamboyant fabrics and professional tailoring are not necessary elements for creating a decorative slipcover. Some basic designer tips can make the project a simple one. For an ordinary wooden chair, a padded seat cushion and a throw pillow against the back of the chair provide a perfect slipcover design.

These decorative elements don’t require you to sew a stitch. In addition, sheets and fabrics can be laid across a sofa or chair and tied at the bottom where the fabric meets the legs of the chair. Some rope or ribbon can be used to tie a knot or bow around the fabric and leg of the furniture.

Slipcovers are a modern way to update soiled or old-fashioned furniture. Contemporary slipcover design is colorful, low maintenance, decorative, and simple. You will feel like you have a brand new piece of furniture to add to your bedroom or living room design.

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