Jun 2, 2023

Top 5 Cities in Saudi Arabia for Digital Nomads


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Digital nomadism, empowered by technological advancements and shifting work paradigms, has significantly grown in recent years. Equipped with the power of the internet, nomads choose their travel bags for a location-independent lifestyle, and they are increasingly drawn to the cities in Saudi Arabia for digital nomads. With their intriguing blend of work and leisure opportunities, these cities offer a fulfilling mix of professional productivity and personal growth. Thus, as digital nomadism continues to flourish globally, these cities in Saudi Arabia are emerging as attractive destinations, adding a unique flavor to the nomadic lifestyle.

Choosing the right location is a vital aspect of digital nomadism, with each destination offering a unique blend of cultural, technological, and lifestyle opportunities. Connectivity, affordability, safety, coworking spaces, and quality of life are among the key factors digital nomads consider when deciding their next base. They seek locations that facilitate their work with robust digital infrastructure and enrich their lives with local attractions, social opportunities, and conducive living conditions.

Best Cities in Saudi Arabia for Digital Nomads

Embodying a rich history, diverse culture, and rapid modernization, Saudi Arabia is increasingly prominent on the digital nomad scene. This country's major cities, becoming increasingly digital-friendly, offer modern amenities and robust infrastructure, securing a spot on the ultimate digital checklist for nomads. The opportunities for nomads in Saudi Arabia are proliferating, thanks to the government's Vision 2030 initiative aimed at economic diversification and tourism boost. Let's uncover the top five cities in Saudi Arabia that ought to be part of the ultimate digital checklist for every nomad.

A mosque during golden hours
Mesmerizing mosques inspire peace and reflection


Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, presents a vibrant fusion of tradition and modernity that appeals to digital nomads. The city, known for its skyscrapers, markets, and historical sites, boasts a growing tech scene, high-speed internet, and trendy coworking spaces. This dynamic environment makes Riyadh a compelling choice for remote work.

The city’s allure doesn't end with its digital capabilities. Riyadh is a cultural hub, offering diverse experiences such as traditional souqs, breathtaking city views from the Sky Bridge, and a thriving food scene. To ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation, Four Winds KSA experts provide valuable advice about the moving process. They say that digital nomads can seamlessly transition to Riyadh and enjoy a well-balanced work and leisure lifestyle, taking full advantage of the city's recreational areas and parks.

The Majdol tower in Saudi Arabia
Reaching new heights: Majestic tower pierces the skyline with grace and grandeur.


Jeddah, a bustling seaport on the Red Sea, effortlessly marries traditional Saudi culture with contemporary charm. Its historic district, Al Balad, exudes an old-world charm with coral stone buildings, while the modern cityscape boasts avant-garde architecture, art installations, and luxury shopping centers. This culturally rich city, with its scenic coastline, offers an enticing backdrop for those seeking a diverse and vibrant environment.

Jeddah offers a range of affordable accommodations, from stylish apartments to budget-friendly hostels, fitting every preference. The city is also home to several modern coworking spaces furnished with all the necessities to facilitate productivity. Jeddah's robust digital infrastructure, coupled with a variety of recreational activities such as diving in the Red Sea or exploring the food scene at the vibrant food trucks park, makes it an ideal location for a digital nomad.


When considering a move to Saudi Arabia, specifically Dammam, and navigating its oil-rich landscape and growing tech scene, it's essential to lean on reliable people and hire moving services from reputable companies. As the capital of the Eastern Province, Dammam's strategic location and economic importance have positioned it as a thriving hub for innovation and business ventures. The city's tech scene is continuously evolving, thanks to investments in digital infrastructure and the emergence of tech start-ups. These factors make Dammam an enticing destination for those seeking opportunities and growth.

Dammam offers a range of accommodations to suit various budgets, while the cost of living remains relatively affordable compared to other major cities in the country. The city provides reliable high-speed internet and growing coworking spaces, which are essential for digital nomads. Meanwhile, its unique attractions, such as Coral Island and Half Moon Bay, along with its bustling food scene, provide plenty of lifestyle opportunities for relaxation and entertainment after work hours.

Al Khobar

Nestled along the Arabian Gulf, Al Khobar is a captivating coastal city that presents a tranquil retreat and is one of the best cities in Saudi Arabia for digital nomads. Its stunning waterfront, palm-lined Corniche, and modern cityscape create an atmosphere of relaxation and inspiration, making it an enticing prospect for those seeking a work-life balance.

A man working on his laptop
A world of opportunities in cities in Saudi Arabia for digital nomads.

Al Khobar boasts a reliable digital infrastructure, with excellent internet connectivity and an increasing number of coworking spaces designed to meet the needs of remote workers. After work, one can indulge in the city's culinary scene, famous for its fresh seafood, or partake in various water sports and beach activities. Other attractions like the Scitech Technology Center and Al Khobar's vibrant shopping scene add to the city's appeal, making it a balanced destination for productivity and leisure.


Abha, situated in the mountainous Asir Province, presents a unique appeal with its cooler climate and scenic beauty. Its lush landscapes, serene lakes, and enchanting foggy weather offer a refreshing change for those accustomed to urban environments. The city is also well-equipped with reliable internet connectivity, modern coworking spaces, and various accommodations to suit different budgets.

Abha's appeal goes beyond its scenic beauty, offering a wide range of cultural experiences and outdoor activities, making it a perfect choice to avoid moving day disasters. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture by exploring the traditional Tuesday Market (Souq as-Sabt) or venture into the breathtaking Asir National Park to uncover its hidden wonders. For an exhilarating adventure, take a cable car ride and be captivated by the mesmerizing vistas that Abha has to offer. With such a diverse array of enriching experiences, Abha ensures that digital nomads can seamlessly transition to their new city while embarking on an exciting journey of exploration.


Each city in Saudi Arabia, from the lively Riyadh to the scenic Abha, offers a unique combination of tradition, modernity, and a growing digital infrastructure, making these cities a fantastic choice for digital nomads. They provide opportunities for work, cultural immersion, and leisure. If you're seeking a unique blend of professional and personal growth, these cities are worth considering for your next adventure. So, why wait? Discover the potential of the cities in Saudi Arabia for digital nomads and embark on a fulfilling journey today!






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