Nov 12, 2019

How To Find A Good Painter

A house painter becomes a necessity as a house grows older and undergoes wear and tear. There are some ways to find a good painter.

You can start by asking around. Chances are your friends, work colleagues or family members have contacts that you can check out. Regardless of whether they’ve liked the work or not, ask them for help first. If they are unhappy with the standard of the work, then you’ll know which companies to avoid. If they are happy, you will have a reliable reference. Either way, it works out.
In case this option is not available to you, go one step back and start with the paper or the magazine. Go online and find painting sites with names for you to call. Check with local vendors and hardware stores to find out if they know people. There must be someone who can help you.

Once you have some information, shortlist your candidates and set up appointments to meet them. It may be best to do this at your place of residence or at the office building that you need painted. This way they can see the site and tell you their thoughts too. It’s important now to ask the right questions. This will help you assess whether the painter is the right person for you. Here are some that you can pose:

1.   Can you give me any references for your previous work?
2.   What’s the kind of experience you have?
3.   What’s your time schedule for the painting assignment?
4.   What kind of paints do you use? Could you tell me the brands you use?
5.   Do you do any sort of treatment for the walls before you paint?
6.   Do you do all the work yourself or do you have a team?
7.   Do you have insurance and licences?
8.   Do you sign a contract for the work or an agreement?
9.   Will I have to clean up after the painting job or is that part of your work contract too?
10. If applicable: Will you be able to come back for touch-ups once I move furniture back and hang up paintings and so forth?

If you’re meeting more than one painter, their quotes for the painting job will give you a fair idea of what to expect for a cost estimate.

The answers you receive will help you understand the work ethic and thought process of the painter. A good painter has lots of experience and can submit references to back up their work. They are professional in all their dealings, and are on time from the first meeting to all the other visits to your house. The materials they use are of the highest quality and they clean up after the work is done. A good house painter carries insurance, permits and the appropriate papers. Most Raleigh NC painters give you a contract and the clear language and transparency of the contract will tell you even more about the reliability of the team.  Do take the time to read through before you sign. 

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