Nov 26, 2019

3 Reasons Why Having A First Aid Kit When Living Alone is a Must

A first aid kit is necessary for plenty of home accidents that do not require a trip to the hospital but may need immediate treatment. These accidents may include minor falls, burns, allergies, skin cuts, and insect stings. Whether you are at home or living in a condo in Makati. Choose to be prepared with a first aid kit, especially if you are living alone. A well-stocked first-aid kit will be your companion in times of minor emergencies.

All Your Emergency Needs In One Box
Your first-aid kit must contain all vital medical supplies for ease of access. In the case of an injury, imagine the hassle and inconvenience of having to search for certain medications because they are kept scattered in different cabinets. Here are some of the supplies your first-aid kit should contain.
     Sterile gloves
Disposable sterile gloves are commonly worn to prevent the transmission of bacteria from the hands to the wound. In simpler terms, medical or sterile gloves prevent surgical site infection after minor skin surgeries. If, for example, your wound looks uglier than usual and has minor cuts, choose to wear gloves to avoid puss development due to infection.
     Sterile wound dressings
Dresses are sterile pads or compresses applied to a wound to encourage healing and prevent the area from getting infected. It controls postoperative bleeding that eases the pain. Meanwhile, sterile pads can also be used for larger minor injuries in the case that the bandaid will not be able to cover the entire area.
     Soap and antibiotic towelettes
Keep soap inside your first-aid kit in case you run out of it. The soap and the antibiotic towelettes are used to clean both hands and the surrounding area of the injury. They have cleansing properties to eliminate a large percentage of bacteria.
     Antibiotic and burn ointment
Topical antibiotics and burn ointment are used to kill the bacteria on top of a burned or scraped skin to prevent infections. These topical antibiotics can also come in the form of cream. They are medicines that destroy the growth of bacteria.
     Adhesive bandages
Similar to the purpose of the sterile pads, adhesive bandages also protect the wound and scab from fiction as well as bacteria. These adhesive bandages have antiseptic properties that hold the two ends of the cut together for a speedy healing process.
     Eyewash solution or eye decontaminant
Eye relief, eye irrigating solution or eyewash, these medications are used to cleanse the eyes in case harmful substances penetrate them. They are liquid and often colorless which relieves eye irritation, discomfort, burning, stinging, and itching. It washes off loose foreign material, smog, and other air pollutants that may have entered the eye.
     Pain reliever medicines
Pain relievers are necessary to be placed inside first-aid kits or a medicine box. They keep injured or damaged cells on the skin from making and releasing a so-called prostaglandin which transmits the pain to the brain.
     Antacids, laxatives, and anti-diarrhea medication
Aside from the pain relievers, it is also important to include antacids, laxatives, and anti-diarrhea pills. Antacids are chewable tablets that counteract the acid in your stomach to relieve painful indigestion and heartburn. Laxatives, on the other hand, help stimulate bowel movements to loosen stools. Finally, as the term suggests, anti-diarrhea medications combat the inconvenience of fast gut movement.
Antiseptic solutions like Betadine effectively clean wounds. It is a substance that stops and slows down the growth of bacteria on open wounds. They are applied to the wound before sterile pads and bandages.

Less Risk of Complication

A first-aid kit equipped with the necessary supplies to help treat an injury can significantly lessen the risk of complications. Some cuts, especially in the fingers, could create puss if antiseptic is not immediately applied. Burns, on the other hand, can seriously damage the skin if the ointment is not applied to the skin. Sterile dressings, soap, and antibiotic towelettes for disinfection, adhesive bandages, all prevent the risk of having an irreversible complication. Make sure your minor injury does not deliberately grow into a major one that may require extensive treatment.

Quickly Treat Injuries

First-aid kits provide you with the right tools and medications to quickly tender to your minor medical injuries. Think about the pain you will have to endure in the instance that you cut yourself while chopping meat and there is no first-aid kit around. Even during less serious scrapes, bumps, and burns, delaying the treatment for a few minutes can cause you to have an infection and other irreconcilable damage. For cuts that bleed nonstop, even after pressure is applied on top, you must immediately visit the nearest hospital or the condominium’s clinic.

Key Takeaway

Accidents inside the home are inevitable. No matter the safety of the domestic environment, minor injuries can still be obtained. With this, choose to keep-safe a first aid kit inside your house or condo in Makati. If you are living alone, it is best for you to have immediate medication tools to tender your minor injury before it becomes serious.

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