Apr 14, 2016

How to Conduct Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing and What Are Its Advantages?

If you want to retain the quality of your floors, then regular maintenance and sanding are important to keep the floors durable and long-lasting. There are many companies who conduct timber floor sanding and polishing, and you can consult with them to get the floor sanding done at an affordable rate. If you have a parquetry floor in your home, you can easily carry on floor sanding to enhance the quality of the floor, and get a better resale value for your property. If floors are already sanded and polished, they do not always require a fresh coat of sanding after every few months, but still, if you want to retain the glaze and good texture of the floor, then you can opt for the timber floor sanding and polishing.

How is recoating done in case of polished timber floors?

According to many home owners in Australia, recoating was done to their floors, not only to enhance the shine on the floor, but also to keep the floors intact and clean for the next few successive years. This is how recoating is conducted:

  • The professionals, who work for timber floor sanding and polishing, first clean the floors and then they apply a fresh coat of light sand, and this is done even before the application of the polyurethane material on the floor.
  • Proper sanding and polishing is then done in such a way that there is no scratch or dent marks left on the floor surface. This keeps the surface of the floor intact and the joints are also maintained very carefully.

How to choose the best professionals or companies for floor sanding?

When you choose the professionals for timber floor sanding and polishing, you need to keep few things in mind, before you finalize a deal with them:

  • Know whether they have experience in sanding and polishing hardwood timber floors and floors made of softwood.
  • Go through some of their sample works, to know how they carry on with the timber floor sanding and polishing methods. It is important to know whether they work with newly-installed floorsand also how they conduct any form of renovation work for staircases, hall floors, and passageways and for your living and dining rooms.
  • Estimate and budget are also two important considerations to make when you choose timber floor sanding and polishing. If you find that the companies or individuals give a concrete quotation as a package for sanding and polishing all kinds of floors, then you can trust that they have the experience of working with different materials. Depending on the type of materials that they use, the cost of sanding and polishing can vary.
  •  Moreover, you can compare the price quotations given by different companies, before you start assigning them the final project. It is important to search all across Australia to find out the right professionals who can carry on sanding and polishing with the latest tools and technologies.

What can be the cost variations of floor sanding and polishing?

When you go for timber floor sanding and polishing, you will find that depending on the nature of the floor, the dimensions per square meter and the quality of the sanding and polishing that is needed, the prices vary. There are different price ranges for old floors, for sanding new apartments and bungalows and also for sanding and polishing commercial floors. If there are soiled floors which require more repairing and the use of paints or glue, then the costing can go high.

It is always better to consult with the floor sanding and polishing professionals to get the features that will be included within your budget.

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