Sep 1, 2015

The Benefits and Risks of Portable Heaters

Whether you have a large or small home, or even a newer or older home, you more than likely have at least one place within the home that doesn't heat up as well as other parts.  But just turning the heat up across the board really isn't the answer for a number of reasons. First off, it could dramatically impact your heating bill.  This is especially not welcome if you didn't need it in the rest of your home.  In addition, though, it may make the rest of your home uncomfortably warmer.  And worse yet, may not address the heat in the first location anyway.

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One solution you can consider is purchasing a portable heater.  Over the years there has been a lot of controversial thoughts on using portable heaters, primarily because in the past they did cause a lot of home fires.  However, technology has improved dramatically over the years and these units can be quite useful and safe.  Some of the key pros to using an electric portable heater include the following:

*  Being portable, they can be moved from place to place easily. 
*  With a variety of brands and models to choose from, you can choose one with as great a range as you need.  For example, do you need to heat a small area or a medium sized area?  (If you have a large area needing extra heating you may need to get a couple of them).
*  When not in use they can store away easily.
*  Some of the newer units can double as a fan or even a portable air conditioner.
*  For those of you with designer decorating taste there are even a number of really cool, interesting designs to choose from.
But as with anything, you should consider the cons with using one of these electric portable heating devices, too.
*  They generally only heat smaller areas, so using them in a large or open room, or one with vaulted ceilings probably will not have the effect you are looking for.
*  As with any electrical device there is always a potential of fire, though less so than in the past.  You should keep your heater away from drapes, clothing, couches or anything that could potentially catch on fire.
*  The circulation isn't as strong as with a whole house system.
*  The BTU may not be efficient for the room you are looking to heat (so check this prior to your purchase).
You can also consider a propane heater.  Some of the pros and cons for these heaters include:
*  Fan performance and heat distribution is better.
*  They come in a variety of sizes depending on the space you are trying to heat.
*  As propane is very inexpensive, using these heaters compared to electric should cost less to operate.
*  Since propane heaters has an exposed flame (which is covered) they can get extremely hot with a higher chance for fire than the electric varieties.
*  You will need to have a propane tank to run your heater.  You can get larger tanks, but these are less desirable since they are not very fashionable, bulky and more visibly obtrusive.

So bottom line, you will be able to find a portable heater to meet your needs, no matter what your space is like.  But choosing the proper unit with all the features and characteristics you need or desire will just take a little research and shopping.  You can try the home building stores, department stores and even online shopping to expand your options.

Written by APM Construction Services, a construction and home maintenance company that is the best choice for heating and cooling Columbia, MO has to offer.

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