Sep 17, 2015

Protect Your Property from Inclement Weather and Vandalism Attempts by Installing Window Roller Shutters

Window roller shutters have been in use for quite some time. They are horizontal planks of wood or metal screwed together to form a continuous unit, which can be pulled down or pushed up as required. Today window roller shutters come in many varieties; some even come with added security features. Mostly popular in places experiencing extreme weather conditions, these shutters come in very handy as they keep out the rain, hail and strong winds. They provide an impressive level of insulation and help maintain the interior at a nearly constant temperature.
Types of Window Roller Shutters
Shutters are of several varieties, all developed and designed to suit us better. There are several colors, shapes and designs available in the market. Your budget can also go up or down depending on the material that is used to make the window roller shutters. Below you can find what the different types of shutters are:

  • Manual Shutters - require human effort to pull down and push up
  • Electric/Motorized Shutters – minimal effort required. Just a press of the switch is enough to pull down or push it up
  • Integrated Shutters – combination of both a window and a roller shutter in one single unit.
  • Built-On and Built-In Roller Shutters – The location of the roller shutter box determines the type. If the shutter box is placed outside, it is called built-on and it located inside it becomes built-in.
  • Fire-Resistant Shutters – the materials used in the shutters possess fire resistance quality. Metals like stainless steel are commonly used for this purpose.  There are also shutters, which are connected to fire alarms.

What are the advantages offered by window roller shutters?

  • They act as very good insulators and help keep the bad weather outside. Areas receiving very heavy rainfall, snowfall or hailstorms opt for shutters, as they are effective in preventing them from entering indoors. Inside temperature is also maintained at a constant level by installing roller shutters.
  • Shutters provide protection from burglary and vandalism attempts, all the more reason to opt for shutters. They are strong, durable and some even come with advanced security features, which make them very efficient from the security point of view. Due to this, some local governments even offer subsidized shutters.
  • Shutters connected to alarm systems and the modern fire resistant shutters provide additional security benefits for your home, office or garage.

Window Roller Shutters – widely used because of their multiple utilities

  • Roadside shops and stores mandatorily use shutters for protection from weather, but mainly for security seasons. Shops and stores are more prone to burglary and robbery attempts, which can be averted if window roller shutters are installed, along with CCTV camera.
  • Window roller shutters are used in private residences, apartments, etc. Roller shutters of custom design are very popular for domestic use.
  • Restaurants, eateries and public kitchens install window roller shutters for the same reasons.
  • Prisons and correction homes install shutters with added security features.
  •  The other places where shutters are commonly seen are schools and colleges.
  • Warehouses and industries opt for strong shutters, mainly made of metals.

Things to Consider While Buying Shutters:

While you are on the process of making a decision to buy shutters, ask yourselves the following questions: Will roller shutters serve my purpose? Roller shutters can be used in any weather, though they are more useful in extreme weather conditions.  So if your area gets hailstorms and strong winds, window roller shutters are the best for you. Am I choosing the correct materials? Roller shutters today come in a lot of varieties like plastic sheets, timber and wood, metals.

Consider the weather of the place you stay in and the level of security you need and then decide on the material and according to that information you choose the best window shutter for your home.

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