Oct 26, 2011

Vista: Framing the Landscape

When you are in a room, have you ever felt the presence of a particular point of view that makes the room look beautiful? Could be that you see vista.

Vista is a limited view. Called limited because vista is part of a broad view, but limited by some other object that functions as if the frame of the sight.Generally, the vista is displayed in the form of interesting objects that exist outside the house and enjoyed from the house. For more details, you can imagine the beautiful trees outside the house. To process the vista, you can punch a wall facing the tree, so that through the hole you can enjoy beautiful views of trees from the house, which seemed to be in a frame.

This hole can be a square, rectangle, circle, and so on. Our view aims to object because the framing would make the object become more focused. Vista is basically composed of three elements, namely the view, the object to be viewed, and the limiting element. The place looked at is the position we stand against the objects we see. Selection of places to look is the object of the first things to be determined. The best position will produce a beautiful vista.

Elements can be a barrier walls, sills, columns, and others. Barrier can also be a natural element like two trees, or trees with lush circular leaves. Anyway, anything can be a barrier, as long as itwas in the front of the object, and its shape can frame the object. This barrier should be simple, so as not to obscure the beauty of the main object.

The third element- the object -can be anything, as long has the visual appeal (can be park, trees, buildings, etc.). Ordinary objects can be attractive because it is viewed from the fit standpoint and use of appropriate barrier. The core of the vista is how to combine the positions, objects, and divider.
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