Oct 4, 2011

Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

It is important to keep your kitchen clean otherwise harmful bacteria can start to build up and you can risk the health of yourself and your family members. It makes it easier keeping your kitchen clean when you have good quality appliances, such as a Bosch dishwasher, plus you need to have all the right cleaning equipment, such as a good mop and cleaning products. You need to also clean out your Westinghouse fridge regularly too. It can be easy to forget what is in your fridge and as food starts to get pushed towards the back you can end up with lots of products in the fridge that are past their use by date.

The right cleaning products
It helps to have the right cleaning products. If you only have a single spray it won't do all the jobs you need to do, such as cleaning the oven, cleaning any glass surfaces or remove any stubborn stains. You should have a separate oven cleaner, a glass cleaner for your windows, something to remove oil and fat from the splash back and stove top and a spray cleaner for your bench tops. For difficult food stains it helps to have a product that has a grainy texture, so it can scratch off the stain without scratching the surface underneath. You will also need a good product for cleaning the tiles or timber floor boards.

Natural household products
You can also use things like baking soda to clean your kitchen. There are all sorts of fantastic cleaning tips, both written about in books or there is information online. For example, standing an open box of baking soda in the fridge will help get rid of odours and baking soda mixed with vinegar will cut through grease and clean all sorts of surfaces.

Cleaning equipment

You can't keep your kitchen clean properly unless you have the proper cleaning equipment. Having the right tools to do the job will make the job so much easier and you will find that you will do it rather than procrastinate about it. Buy a good mop and bucket, one that you find easy to handle, and any other cleaning tools that will make the job easy for you. Buy new sponges regularly as these can harbour germs. Have a separate one for wiping up the bench, one for wiping spills off the floor and if you have a little one in a high chair have a separate sponge to wipe this down.

One way to keep your kitchen cleaner and tidier is to have a good dishwasher. Instead of having stacks of dirty dishes piling up beside the sink during the day you can rinse them quickly after use and put them straight in the dishwasher, then once it is full switch it on. Rinsing the dishes will stop your dishwasher from becoming smelly.

Clean up after dinner
So that the mess doesn't get on top of you clean up after each meal, especially after dinner. It can be too easy at the end of a long day to leave the dishes and wiping down the kitchen surfaces until the next day but the mess is always worse in the morning and it is not a good start to the day having to clear up a big mess. Food also dries and hardens on your crockery making it harder to get off.

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