Jul 20, 2011

Love and Life Energizer Crystals

Crystal isn’t only an attractive decoration. In particular figure, the crystal is believed to generate energy and improve the harmony of love. The following objects are not only beautiful crystals as knick-knacks interior of your home, but if you believe in Feng Shui, it can also be efficacious evoke the harmony of your household.

Rose Quartz
Crystal like a rose quartz is the best symbol of Mother Earth. Put these crystals in the southwest sector of your living room at home to increase harmony with your partner.

Lotus (Lotus)
Flowers have become a symbol of your love life. It’s also in Feng Shui, especially for the lotus flower. This flower has become a symbol of good luck or a symbol of heaven.

Circular mirror is deliberately made circle in order to make environment and personal energy "chi" to be harmonious. Catch the reflection of moonlight with this mirror, use the mirror, then your face will shine.

You can also use this mirror to ward off negative energy with reflect it to sunlight (do not look directly at the sun or the mirror). This mirror can be used to cleanse the negative energy in a room full of people.

Square crystals with pointed end
Crystal with elongated pointed toes square-shaped will raise multi color rainbow when the light hit it. In areas exposed to light, the energy that would arise is perfect.

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