Nov 13, 2010

Partitions and Screens

Homes that are short on space are sometimes difficult to live in. Different activities demand different living areas and the company need to be accommodated so that they can live alongside one another with as little friction as possible.

There are various ways in which limited space can be apportioned. Furniture such as a lounge, dresser or screen can be used effectively to divide up the given space. Another solution is to construct a partition.
A partition is defined as an interior wall or barrier that creates an enclosure. The photos below show how effective such a simple structure can be. The construction procedure given can be adapted to suit your requirements. Change the size and lining (plasterboard, ply, and shingles, for example) and the effect that you create will be entirely different. As a general rule, it’s best to choose those materials which match the existing linings.

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Yen said...

Nice post, partition are great for houses that are limited in spaces. :-)

xinex said...

Great ideas!..Christine

sibutiz said...

beautiful design...

Ana Cristina said...

Nice tips to organize better small spaces. Thanks for sharing!

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