Sep 20, 2010

Playing with Balls

I captured these moments when I visited Petuguran Dam in my husband’s home town. During the Eid ul-fitr vacation times, around the area, there are held some games spots. One of them is this ball playing game. We call it ‘mandi bola’ or ‘having a bath with ball’ game. A sweet little girl attracted my attention with her funny acts. Children looked so happy with the balls!

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eden said...

My kids love this too. I used to take them to a place called Fun Factory where they can play like this. Cute photos.

Dhemz said...

wow! lots and lots of balls....:) oh my! funny because in the Philippines we call it "bola" too....:) glad to know! mine is up as well!

Ann said...

kids these days, they got so much.

Jama said...

The kids sure to love playing with these balls!

Faril said... i was a kid...

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