Sep 24, 2010

A Letter Box

When embarking on a round of home improvement, don’t forget the humble letterbox. The following box has three separate storage areas; you can simplify this design and use the same construction principles. For example, the roof could be left off or shingled, the columns omitted or the bottom removed. Western red cedar is the best basic material.

The structure is simply two boxes standing one on top of the other. The ceiling is beveled to allow the roof to meet it. The roof can be made with a butt joint or mitred, as shown. The whole box is fixed to a masonry column with galvanized metal brackets. Alternatively, mount the box on 100 x 100mm timber post or galvanized metal pipe that has a collar attached.
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Dhemz said...

very unique mailbox right there!

Faril said...

wow,,creative design of mailbox...
how many letter can be patched??

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