Feb 21, 2023

Bethesda vs. Silver Spring, MD: Where Should You Live?

 A woman is thinking about Bethesda vs. Silver Spring and what benefits choosing one may bring.

Choosing the place you will call your new home is not a piece of cake. And, if you are in the middle of the home hunt process, then you know what we are talking about. No matter whether you are looking for a better place for yourself and your family, moving for a new job, or you want to find a calm harbor for your retiree days, everything is equally complicated. Choosing a city, then a neighborhood, and finally, finding a home to rent or buy can be tricky. We have something interesting for all whose destination is the state of Maryland. Here is a Bethesda vs. Silver Spring comparison which can help you decide where you should live.


Located in Montgomery County, Bethesda got its name after a local church. Although in the 19th century, it was a small rural place with a school, a church, and several houses, nowadays, it is an urban area with over 65,000 residents. As Washington's close suburb, the city became increasingly popular among newcomers, especially family people.

Job opportunities

Moving to Bethesda for good is an excellent decision if you are looking for a good job. The job market in this city is strong, and plenty of opportunities are offered. The headquarters of numerous companies are situated in the area. And this city is said to have one of the wealthiest communities in the USA. Even if you come from some faraway destination, you won't regret moving to Bethesda. There are excellent long-distance movers, and a helpful team can get you here in no time.

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Solve the Bethesda vs. Silver Spring dilemma, and choose the place with the best job opportunities

On the other hand, thanks to its desirable location near the country's capital, Bethesda is also very popular among the people who work in Washington. It serves as a perfect getaway from the capital's hustle and bustle. Most importantly, they can easily get to work in Washinton for about 35 minutes.

Incomes and living costs

One of the strongest sides of the city is household income. In this city, the average monthly income per family goes up to $178,000, which is way above the national average of around $69,000.

However, high income and its excellent location bring high living costs, too. Some estimations have shown that the monthly expenses in this city during recent years were more than 50% higher than the national average. In Bethesda, people spend most of their money on transportation and, of course, housing.

Finding a home

When it comes to housing, median home values and rents in Bethesda are pretty high. However, although home values in this city go up to $950,000, the encouraging fact is that most residents own their homes. Only 30% of them decide it would be best for them to rent a home. Still, people who live there point out that although the housing is pricey in this area, it's worth it. In the city of Bethesda, they say you have everything you need.

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You need a place where you will feel happy.

The neighborhoods

Neighborhoods and the overall environment in Bethesda are generally very nice and clean. The streets are safe, and there are plenty of options for spending quality time with your friends and family. They have an urban community, which is also very diverse. And there is an excellent educational system and highly rated public schools at the top of everything else.

Silver Spring

Now, here is another famous Montgomery County city, Silver Spring. It got its name from a mica-flecked spring discovered in the area in the 19th century. The modern Silver Spring city is the fifth most populated place in Maryland and is home to more than 81,000 people. Its location near Washington D.C. proved one of the most popular places among families and young professionals.

Job opportunities

When you compare Bethesda vs. Silver Spring and want to decide where to live, they are pretty equal in terms of job opportunities. Like Bethesda, Silver Spring is a city where finding a good and well-paid job won't be a problem. The city's downtown and the surrounding area are home to several federal contracting companies, biotechnology and media companies, as well as many organizations. Moreover, it is also very well connected with the Washington D.C. job market. Within only 30 minutes, thanks to the excellent commuting system, you will be in the capital's downtown.

Incomes and living costs

The median household income in this city is around $91,000, which is above the national average. If you come to live there, you'll find many working options and live decently. Even if you are about to conduct a long-distance move to Silver Spring, you won't have problems settling down, thanks to the experienced relocation professionals who can make your move less stressful.

On the other hand, living costs in Silver Spring are high. Still, some estimations have shown they are slightly lower than those in Bethesda. However, it is good to know that taxes in Silver Springs can sometimes be higher than in the capital city.

Finding a home

If you want to find a home in Silver Spring, get ready for a range of beautiful houses to choose from. The average home values and rents are considerably higher than the national average. Median home value goes around $500,000, while over 60% of the residents decide to rent their homes for a median rent of $1,700 a month.

The neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in the city's area are safe, and the residents tend to be friendly and helpful. Many ways to engage with the community include various shops, restaurants, parks, and outdoor activities. Silver Spring doesn't lack diversity, either. In terms of culture, religion, race, and nationality, you'll meet different people there. It would be easy to bland in such a diverse type of community. Finally, when it comes to the public schooling system, Silver Spring is also pretty highly rated.

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A good neighbor is precious.

As you can see, there are many similar things to consider in Bethesda vs. Silver Spring dilemma. But there are some crucial differences that depend on your needs and wishes. So, choose carefully, and consider all the facts. We hope you got some ideas in your mind. Good luck!

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