Nov 24, 2021

Best flea markets in NYC


Household items on a flea market stall

If you are into flea market shopping, the Big Apple is the place to go. There are tons of flea markets in NYC scattered around, and today we will share with you some of them that are the best of the best. So, if you are somebody who already enjoys thrift shops or vintage stores, you already know how exhilarating browsing flea markets can be.

Flea markets are places for treasure hunting. And, it does not matter what you consider treasure - clothes, shoes, jewelry, pieces of furniture, decorative home items, etc., you can find it there. And, you will be able to snack while doing so as all NYC's flea markets have fantastic street food stands that will satiate your hunger. All in all, checking flea markets in NYC is a fun experience. So, whether you are an experienced flea-goer or somebody who has never done this before, be sure to check out the following flea markets. 

Brooklyn Flea 

As fashion trends are changing, so is our need for buying new clothing pieces. And, that is why the Brooklyn Flea has not one but two locations. It is located in Williamsburg on Saturdays and in Dumno on Sundays. Both sites are easily accessible by car, public transportation, or on foot. So, the next time you find yourself in one of these two locations, be sure to give the Brooklyn Flea a visit. This is the place to be if you decluttered and made room in your humble home recently and you are now ready to fill it with something new and completely different. This flea market has it all - from clothing pieces to furniture pieces. And, it has something that others do not - creative artists and all of their creations. Yes, artists tend to gather here during the weekend and 'create' their art right in front of you - so, besides shopping, here you can also entertain yourself by seeing how art is born. 

A flea market
Brooklyn Flea Market is considered NYC's main attraction.

Grand Bazaar 

You can find Grand Bazaar Flea Market in the Upper West Side. This is NYC's oldest and biggest flea market. So, as you guessed it - you can find pretty much anything you imagine here. However, most people who come here look for antiques and vintage pieces. You can find these kinds of goodies on the stalls of over 100 merchants (for an excellent price too). There are also artists selling their creations, small-business owners selling their goods, and just people selling second-hand items. And if you are packing for the move, you can even get all the supplies you need, too - from cardboard boxes to dollies - Grand Bazar has got you covered. But, be warned - this flea market is huge! You will need an entire day (or maybe even more) to check every stall and see every item. So, arm yourself with patience and put on the most comfortable walking shoes - you will need both!

Queens Night Market 

Queens Night Market is the only flea market in New York City that is open until midnight. So, if you are a night owl, you know where to go. Just like all markets mentioned above, here you can also buy high-quality pieces of furniture, antique and vintage household knick-knacks, clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. However, what makes this flea market special is that merchants here come from all over the world. To be exact, they come from 80 different countries of the world. And, so do their goods. Thus, this is an excellent place to check out if you are looking for something imported, unique, and simply different. But, that is not all - Queens Night Market is also famous for its food vendors. Here is where you can try some of the best international street foods and drinks in all of New York.

People buying Chinese street food at one of the best flea markets in NYC
If you want to try some international specialties, check out the Queens Night Market

The Bronx Night Market 

Okay, this is not an entirely 'night' market as it closes around 7 pm. But, hey, it is still open a lot longer than other NYC flea markets that usually close between 12 pm and 3 pm (except for the Queens Night Market). So, if you work on Saturdays and Sundays, the Bronx Night Market may be a good place to check out when you are on the look for something new. And, when we say - new, we really mean it. This market supports local, small businesses, and it always includes them and their products/services. Here you can find designers with their own lines, carpenters with their furniture pieces, artists with their paintings, and artistic and innovative people with their creations.

Believe it or not, but at the Bronx Flea Market, you can equip your entire home with new (or second-hand) items as well as fill your entire closet with some unique pieces. So, if this is what you plan on doing, we strongly suggest finding some moving help on Best Movers NYC as you will need somebody to help you with packing, transporting, assembling, and storing everything you buy. 

A flea market
The Bronx Night Market has everything you need for your home and your closet.

So, Where Should You Go First? 

We have mentioned only four flea markets in NYC. In our opinion, they are the best of the best. However, what you consider the best may vary from what we think. So, our suggestion is to do your research first and see what you like. As we live in the age of technology, that is relatively easy to do. All you have to do is a bit of googling on the flea markets around NYC. Some of them will be the best for buying bedroom furniture, for example, while others will be the best for purchasing clothing. Besides the four previously mentioned flea markets, check out the following: The Hester Street Fair, The Williamsburg Market, The Chelsea Market, The SoHo Market, The Nolita Market, etc. 

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