Aug 31, 2017

Are You Ready to Have a Smart Pest Monitoring Platform?

Before we identify the need for a smart pest monitoring platform, let us provide you with a glimpse on how pests pose as a threat in our daily lives.

Pests come in many different species, forms, and sizes. Pests that crawl or fly are not only an eyesore, but they can be bothersome, especially in a room where food is exposed. Bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, and fleas can all be found in the same house. They breed, can cause damage to the structure of your home, and cause you to become ill too.

Did you know that rodents are the most destructive pests in the world? Rodents are incessant gnawers. They gnaw even on woodwork or electric cables in order to gain access to shelter and food. They can cause contamination along their runs and nesting places with urine, droppings, and filth.

Furthermore, contamination can cause serious diseases such as Leptospirosis and rat-bite fever. Rodents may even carry tick, lice and mites, which can either bite you when you sleep or cause allergic reactions.

What is a Smart Pest Monitoring Platform?

Modern science has invented a system to monitor and manage pest control. A smart pest monitoring system consists of connected devices that detect, capture, or humanely kill different kinds of pests.

You will be alerted when a rodent is detected. The devices detect pests via a sensor and send data automatically to a cloud storage system via an assigned wireless network. This data becomes available to technicians, and to you.

A technician will arrange a site visit to your home who will recommend measures for pest management. The good thing about having this platform installed in your house is that the portal gives real time details on pest activity. Tools will help you manage your own pest control program, including ways to improve pest prevention.

Call a Pest Control Company to Help You Set it Up!

This integrated smart pest monitoring platform provides solution for pest control and an effective way to protect your home and family against different types of pests. It is the easiest and effective way to maintain a pest free environment.

You would know where they nest. In doing so, you will be guided on what measures to take to get rid of them. By having this platform, you and your family can be assured of a good night's sleep and the pests can be one less thing you worry about.

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