May 14, 2015

5 Crazy Wall Mural Designs

So you build a house with a roof and walls and windows and doors. Then you furnish it, lovingly, with the best of d├ęcor and thoughts. Every step of the way, there is a lot of investment of time and effort right? This is precisely why it makes most sense to invest in only the very best of things for your walls.

So what are some of the options that you can look at for wall decorations? Here are a few choices:
·        Art work of various kinds
·        Mirrors
·        Lighting fixtures
·        Wall decals, photographs and stickers
·        Wallpaper of course and
·        Wall murals.

When it comes to wall murals, you could go with some amazingly different and unique designs to create a space that has fun and craziness written all over them.

Contemporary art
Not everybody understands modern art! But disembodied faces, random squiggles or even splashes of colors can all add up to amazing wall murals though! So if you want to give your room or space a fresh and interesting twist, go with wall murals that bring together elements of modern art. Look for options such as:
·        Color splashes against a white background
·        Abstract art of various kinds
·        A mural that brings together human and animal faces in vivid color and so on.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are pretty versatile! You can look for the conventional shapes of squares, circles and triangles of course. But to put the element of ‘crazy fun’ into these mural designs, look for geometric shapes that explode with color and even randomness. For instance, a geometric pattern that brings together interlinked squares in different hues can be an eye-catching display. You could also look for other shapes such as hearts, paisley motif and so on.

Unusual images
Another way in which you can get an attention-grabbing wall mural for yourself is to look for surprising images. For instance, wildlife of all kinds makes for interesting murals. But why not go for the unconventional? An animal rolling in the dust maybe? Or even a wild cat that mesmerizes you because its glowing eyes are in sharp focus? How about an underwater shot of a swimming elephant?

Color is everywhere!
You can select a cool wall mural design when you look for the most vivid and spectacular colors in your choices. Mother Nature is pretty splendid all by herself of course, so you will never really go wrong in this product category. Look for bursts of color even in other categories such as cityscape, vintage murals and even solar systems and so on.

Making a statement

Finally, one of the simplest ways in which you can choose a wall mural that stands apart is to make a statement with your choice. Whether it is wall murals that have religious motifs or something that is amatory, you can create a space that will have everyone talking! Stimulate your children with wall murals that bring together objects of education. Enjoy a beautiful night sky on your walls – the options are indeed endless.

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