Oct 31, 2018

5 Big building restoration challenges in Perth

The construction industry is an interesting place to try out everything for your building. From renovation to restoration, you could do just about anything that yields the results that you are looking. There are many construction experts today and construction companies that work towards giving your home or office a touch of elegance.

Restoration of a building is usually one of the best ways to improve its look without changing some features. It is important to do this right because failure to do so could result in damages that you may not be able to come back from.

Fixing or replacing? Watch it!

The difference between fixing and replacing is clear. While fixing is more of correcting an error in construction, replacing is just about tearing it down and redoing it, or placing something new in place of the old. While both actions could yield good results, if not done right, you could end up messing everything in your building. This is one of the greatest challenges. Knowing what to do at the right time can never get easy, especially since construction is not something to mess around with.

A crack on the wall may look to you as a minor damage that could be patched up and everything looks normal afterwards. But imagine if the crack is not as a result of a damage, but rather a construction defect.

This means that by patching the crack, you did not solve, but instead sealed the problem. It therefore also means that the problem could easily recur at a later time, and nobody would be happy going through the same repairs every time without really fixing anything. Whoever is doing the repairs will end up looking less proficient as imagined and this will be a big blow on your business.

You should also remember that adverse damages could happen as a result of poor judgment. Fixing a crack instead of replacing it may lead to weakness on the wall, assuming that the problem is not fully solved. This could thus lead to a breakdown.

Watch it with inappropriate additions

Knowing what to add and when to add them is so critical to the outlook of a building that is being worked on. You should always know what to add, when to add it and exactly how to add it to avoid giving an odd look.

It is almost like placing white paper above a colored one. If this point of construction is not appropriately handled, the building’s owner will end up regretting why they even thought of taking such actions in the first place.

Restoration is more of fixing than replacing. Adding is more or less like replacing because you will be adding something new to where it initially wasn’t. Your additions, therefore, be very appropriate. They should be able to match the building’s layout and the construction material used on the addition should also match the ones used prior to it. It is important to do this right to avoid coming back on your decision and tearing down a whole wall. While you do the additions, you should take care not to affect some of the core features of the building because then, that will seize to be restoration and turn to renovation.

Some damages are irreversible

Some damages are irreversible. At times a building withstands harsh conditions and at the end of it all, it no longer bears it and undergoes irreversible damage. This means that in no way can you succeed in correcting the error. You can’t fix it by patching, since, in the first place the damage cannot be reversed. Replacing, therefore, appears to be the only option at this point. You should always watch it with replacement because the old materials used in construction don’t often go well with the new ones. Therefore, replacing may at the end turn out to become another cause of damage.

Knowing when to restore and when to renovate

As a result of irreversible damages, the next challenge arises. When exactly do you decide on restoration over renovation? Also, when do you decide on the latter over the former? Restoration is most suitable for minor damages like cracks and patching holes on walls and floors. Some serious damages like floor or roof corrosion may also require restoration. This is the best option when you want to maintain everything as it was. It is thus the best option for a business or firm. 

The reason is that you would not want your customers to be confused everytime they walk in and find that the place keeps changing. It is good to improvise since change is inevitable. But it is not wise to make changes on structures that may lead to client confusion. Therefore, restoring a few old things in your building and improving the furnishings or even repainting is not a bad idea. Only decide on renovation when you undergo damages that you can’t manage or reverse. Some things just can’t be fixed easily, so you may have to tear them down and begin afresh for a particular block or a few offices. This may seem easy, but making the kind of decision that may entirely change how your place looks is one of the most difficult things you will ever do.

Finding a restoration company that you can trust

There are thousands of restoration companies. Most of them are usually exactly what they say they are, and some are not. Most offer professional services while some do not. A good company is not something that you can just nod on and tell yourself that it is good enough and can handle your restoration. You would want to be handled by an expert company and to achieve that, you need to do a lot of research both online and on the ground. Search the web for restoration companies and check their reviews. It is important to only let a company that you can trust, take over some if not all your needs. This way, you will rest assured that you are in professional hands. This is very challenging, but at the end of the day, you should not miss one or two that have a clientele review that will impress you.


Building restoration in Perth and other parts of the world is something you should not be doing often. Therefore, find a company you can trust can help you overcome these challenges. Your building restoration worries should no longer worry you so much with the right construction company in mind.


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